While our engineers are always hard at work improving product performance sometimes we get an unexpected boost on a spec for an existing part. The change in our antenna spec is one such happy event. So let’s help spread the good news around and get your FinestraMiner set up correctly – with the included, now correctly classified, 2.6 dBi antenna.

The Helium Install app shows Antenna as 1.2 dBi but the Antenna spec says 2.6 dBi.

Our antenna manufacturer (the stock antenna included with Finestra Miner)  advised us that our antenna spec is actually 2.6 dBi and not 1.2 dBi as they had originally classified it.

We therefore had it updated for compliance with our certification labs and with DeWi. And likewise have placed a pull request in GitHub for the Helium app to fix the default settings in the app. We understand the Helium team will update the default settings on the Helium app, which they will in due course.

In the interim we have set up some workarounds to help set up your Finestra Miner correctly.
  • NEW INSTALLS:   If you are installing Finestra Miner, you just need to follow the instructions for the custom antenna settings. Please follow the New Install Visual Storyboard here as a guide on how to do that.
  • EXISTING INSTALLS:  If you have already installed Finestra Miner, we’ve made it even easier for you. Please follow the Existing Install Visual Storyboard here as a guide on how to do that. Note: Of course this does mean you will be charged approx. $0.55 equivalent of Helium Data Credits to make that change in the antenna setting. We do apologize for the inconvenience. However if you still do have any questions about the Data Credits, please contact our distribution partner Cal-chip by filling this form so they may address it accordingly. 

Again please let us know if we can help clarify any additional questions or issues.

– Team Finestra