As part of its ongoing commitment to the Helium community, and in response to massive demand for FinestraMiner, Mimiq Inc has rolled out its updated Finestra Miner for 2022, now with Ethernet, to the US, Canada, UK and EU markets. 

Mimiq has partnered with Cal-Chip Connected for distribution in the US and as necessary, in Canada. Cal-chip is a dedicated IoT and LoRa® distributor who understands the industry and the intricacies of the critical supply chain that supports it. Cal-Chip Connected provides the products and partner solutions behind the largest and fastest-growing IoT networks in the world.

Mimiq has partnered with OKdo for distribution of FinestraMiner in the UK, Europe and select MENA markets. As part of the Electrocomponents Group, OKdo is already a global company with big partnerships and works with some of the best technology companies on the planet like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and BeagleBone.

Where to Buy

FinestraMiner is a window-mounted Helium hotspot that makes it easier for consumers and small businesses to find the optimal installation location, while also delivering a “best-in-class” experience for more strategic enterprise customers.