Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my FinestraMiner?

You can activate the FinestraMiner via the Helium App, available on both iOS and Android. Please download the app, create an account, and follow the on-screen instructions. If any error occurs with the internet connection, you may download our FinestraMiner Diagnostics App to diagnose any connection issues before continuing with the installation in the Helium app.

What do the LED lights on my FinestraMiner mean?

The FinestraMiner has an RGB LED indicator light on the top of the case. When the FinestraMiner is powered on, it will show a certain status light depending on its current state.


  • Solid Blue – The FinestraMiner is booting up or it is downloading an update. 
  • Blinking Blue – The FinestraMiner’s Bluetooth is activated.
  • Solid Green – The FinestraMiner is in its normal mining state. Wi-Fi is connected.
  • Alternating Blue / Green – The FinestraMiner’s Bluetooth mode is activated while already connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Blinking Yellow – Connected to Wi-Fi but the connection to the internet is lost or the device cannot connect to the internet.
  • Blinking Green – You waited more than 10 minutes without initial setup. Please press the black button (located on the side of FinestraMiner) twice to re-enable Bluetooth. This will allow you to proceed with the initial setup.
  • Solid Red – Contact Support.

My FinestraMiner won’t connect to Bluetooth.

Please press, don’t hold, the black button twice. Due to the size of the button, it might take a few attempts to fully push in this button.
The FinestraMiner is connected to bluetooth when it begins blinking blue every 10 seconds.

What do I do when the Wi-Fi scan during the installation returns the following error: “index out of range”?

When there are too many Wi-Fi networks around your FinestraMiner, it is possible that the Helium App returns an error after the WiFi scan is complete during installation. If this is the case, then you can download the Finestra Diagnostics App from the App Store or Google Play Store and start the installation there. The FinestraMiner Diagnostics App will allow you to connect to your Wi-Fi network manually. After doing so, your FinestraMiner will be connected to Wi-Fi and you can return to the Helium App to complete your installation.

Explain the “sticky” backing of the FinestraMiner.

The FinestraMiner has an integrated micro suction pad on the back, allowing the FinestraMiner to stick to any non-porous surface. The micro suction pad is not an adhesive and will not leave any residue on surfaces. To refresh the adhesive backing of the Finestra,  please wash your hands and use a clean damp finger to wipe the adhesive backing. Please make sure that the backing is completely dry before use. 

CAUTION: Do not use a cloth, alcohol pad or paper towel – this will likely damage the adhesive backing.

In which countries does the FinestraMiner work?

FinestraMiner works in the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union.

What is the antenna gain of the included antenna with the FinestraMiner?

The included antenna is 2.6 dBi for US & Canada; 2.8 dBi for EU & UK.

What is the type of antenna connector on the FinestraMiner?

The FinestraMiner uses an RP-SMA Female Connector.

Can I use my own antenna with the FinestraMiner?

At Mimiq, we believe in meticulously following the guidelines set by the FCC. The RP-SMA connector was required by the FCC labs for the custom-made antenna we are using. We want our users to follow the FCC approved version of the device included with the product. The device is not approved with any other antenna than the one we included inside the package.

The antenna provided with FinestraMiner will work as intended without having connection issues. Any modification that will be made on the device will be inconsistent with the FCC approved version which is not something Mimiq will support and the responsibility is on the user.

What if I place it in a weatherproof enclosure? Then, can I use it outside?

The ideal operating location for the FinestraMiner is on, or near, a window indoors. Placing the hotspot within an enclosure will severely hamper its connection to the network.

Can I operate my FinestraMiner outside?

FinestraMiner is only designed to work in indoor conditions. Operating your FinestraMiner outdoors will void your warranty.

I just opened my new FinestraMiner, plugged it in, but I can’t connect to Bluetooth in the Helium app.

Did you wait two minutes for the FinestraMiner to boot up? Please wait until the solid blue light begins to blink every 10 seconds. If you have waited a couple minutes and still can’t connect, try downloading and running the FinestraMiner Diagnostics App. The FinestraMiner may need to be updated.

I have home Xfinity Internet service. When I first setup my FinestraMiner I get a security alert from my Xfinity app.

We are aware of this issue and assure you all is well and there are no security concerns. This occurs because Xfinity does not recognize the unique way which the FinestraMiner communicates with the Internet. We will try and to resolve this issue in a future update but at this time you do not have any security issue due to this.

When trying to setup the FinestraMiner with the FinestraMiner App, I get the error “No hotspot found”.

This can happen for two reasons. If the blue light on the FinestraMiner is not on, enable Bluetooth by clicking the Bluetooth button twice. If that is not the issue, make sure you only have the Helium app OR the FinestraMiner Diagnostics app running on your phone at the same time. Make sure to force close all apps and only run one at a time.

Why does my package have a Proposition 65 warning?

FinestraMiner is designed in California and sold by Mimiq, a California company. For those of you concerned about the Proposition 65 Warning on some of our packaging – rest assured it does not indicate anything unusual or different about out products from so many others. It is simply that we are stringently following the rules for product labeling for California based companies as we currently understand it. We continue to constantly evaluate the applicability and relevance of these laws both in California and in the regions we officially distribute our products I order to serve you best.

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